Parker BlackHawk XP Bow Review

Parker BlackHawk XPThe new BlackHawk Xp by Parker features the new Cross Vent Riser design, Vented Limp Pockets, and SS Sring Silencer which help balance, suppress vibration, and lighten the bow.  The new ARC cams allow for for fine tuning without the need for extra modules. Sealled ball bearings in the cam and idler whieel prevent cam lean, increase speed and reduce wear and tear. These great innovations along with suberb speed and a smooth draw could really attract some attention from bowhunters.

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Grip Parker’s all New slim 2 piece grip in beautiful burled wood grain. 
Draw Lengths 29″ (adjusts to 30″ or 31″) 28″ (adjusts to 27″ or 26″) 
Draw Weights 50-60, 60-70 lb. (order by peak weight) 
Let Off 75% 
Bow Length 32″ axle to axle 
Mass Weight 3.85 pounds 
Brace Height 7 3/8″ 
String 29″ model = 89 1/4″ 
Buss Cable 29″ model = 33 1/4″ 
Arrow Speeds IBO 325 FPS
AMO 245 FPS  

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7 Comments on “Parker BlackHawk XP Bow Review”

  1. Greenhead Says:

    I am a big Parker fan, they make hi quality bows at reasonable prices. Has anyone shot this bow?

  2. Jared Says:

    yea i have shot this bow and it was really smooth but there was quite a bit of hand shock in it

  3. BOHUNTR Says:

    This is a great shooting bow fast, and quiet, very little noise. Had problems with serving wearing out quicker then normal and the rubber string stop continuesly falls off. Great bow just had some problems, going for the Hoyt next. Best group at 40 yards was 5 arrows in a four inch diameter circle shooting a 26 inch draw length and 70 lb. limbs. decked out with g5 accesories this is a very nice bow.

  4. Ray Says:

    If the string stop rubber is falling of it means that it is not lined up with the string – it can be easily adjusted with an allen wrench – move it until the string is hitting in the center of the rubber stop – once it is lined up it will eliminate any hand shock that you have.
    I have the new Blackhawk and it is definitely the best bow Parker has ever made – same quality and performance as a Katera or Drenalin and a lot less money

  5. larry Says:

    i have a new blackhawk i love it. i had a bowtech last year and the year before i had a mathews. the parker bloes them all out of the water. if you dont have a parker its not a real bow.

  6. hillbillys deer processing Says:

    I have always shot parker friends shoot mathews and hoyt and always ask when are you gonna buy a real bow? So I did I bought a blackhawk after reading many reviews. I set the bow up and the the first shot at 20 yds amazed everyone with the speed and lack of noise from the bow. All in all the 50 and 60 yard shot amazed all as well. I would not hesitate to take a shot at that distance with that type of repeated performance. This by far is the fastest smoothest bow I have ever shot. By the way it was 13 fps faster than the drenalin and hoyt through the chronometer out of the box, at a much lower price.

  7. Dewey Schtiekum Says:

    Parker bows are the best. The pro staff at Williams Brothers Safaris endorse the Parker Brand. Fast, light and ready to go when you receive it…..


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