Mission Journey Bow Review

Mission JourneyThe Mission Journey features all of the Mathews quality but at lower price. Featuring a machined aluminum riser, paralell limbs and a single journey cam with perimeter wieght. A short 31″ axle to axle, brace height of 7.5 inches, 80% let off, string cushions, cable-x silercers and a fast 315fps this bow has everything you need in one affordable package.

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IBO Rating 315 fps
Cam(s) Journey Cam with perimeter weight
Peak Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, and 70
Draw Length 25 in. to 30 in. (Also available in half sizes.)
Axle to Axle Length 31 in. *
Brace Height 7 1/2 in.
Physical Weight 4.25 lb. lbs
Letoff 80%
String/Cable Length
String: 91 1/2in.* Zebra Hybrid
Cable: 35 5/8in.* Zebra Hybrid

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12 Comments on “Mission Journey Bow Review”

  1. tomtomyo Says:

    The Mission line makes solid bows no doubt, but they are basically old technology from mathews being sold under a differnt name for a differnt price. I have shot the Journey before and it is a fine shooting bow but it you want the best get a Mathews, if you don’t want to spend a lot get a used Mathews.

  2. mj Says:

    I shot the mission journey and the Mattews DXT back to back over and over again could not see $300 DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i personaly own a jounery and love it i have already won a tournament

  4. the great white hunter Says:

    i just bought the jounery bow its a soild all around bow very smooth fast,power,the whole nine yards it just a great bow the camos sick i love the matthews dxt and the dude that said he couldnt tell a difference ur just plain out dumb cuz,but im not talk down on the journey but there is a difference why lie?..but if i didnt wanna spend the money i would go with it any day so throw away them junky ass hoyts and watever else and go out get a matthews or the mission journey later. =D

  5. terrym Says:

    I purchased a Mission Journey last month. Great bow in every aspect. I did need to order it directly from Mathews, but that wasnt a problem. It was shipped to the nearest Dealer, I looked at it and that was that. Took me less then 20 arrows to split nocks at 20 yards. Took a fat doe last week. Now I have my Buck tag. Ive been bowhunting for 28 years, the guy who says he can tell the difference between this bow and a Mathews is playing with his Pudding! Only thing different is his wallet is $275 lighter then mine!

  6. jboogey Says:

    is it smooth

  7. the great white hunter Says:

    trrym..ur stupid as shit cuz..go look up the spped on the the matthews but theres no difference you say lol? get real man i dont care how long you been shootin or huntin jackoff your dumb like the first dude said the journey is just basically old technology..just get a damn matthews ur better off money is everything in bowhunting or shootin if you spend the money youll have good shit remember that man..and thats the truth im just tellin the facts cuz in the end youll be glad you spent the money later

  8. bigbuck Says:

    speed difference the matthews comes on top so the dude above me is right get a matthews any day then this bummy ass kncok off shit …”matthews baby catch us if you can”…nothing else touching a matthews peace.

  9. bowhunter 92 Says:

    screw the mission archery knock off get a mathews there not the same

  10. biga822 Says:

    u r stupid the mission is made by mathews

  11. biga822 Says:

    And O ya it’s not the quality of the product it’s the shooter I remember my grandpa shooting a stickbow with no sights no kisser just a crapy rest and shooting 1 inch groups and I’m 15 and I shoot 1inch groups at 25 yards and I have a parker buckshot. Don’t get me wrong nice equipment is good and helps but in the end it comes down to the shooter so u don’t half to spend a lot money to shoot great.

  12. Buckmaster Says:

    I know I’m responding to an old post but I have to comment. The mission is a great bow MADE BY MATTHEWS, it’s not the equipment it’s the operator, money is not everything but I guess buying the highest price bow out there is worth it if it makes up for lack of skill. Great WhiteHunter would be better off purchasing the mission and putting his extra money towards getting his G.E.D or fixing up his singlewide.



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